We’ll leave game analysis to analysts over at onGamers, and similar eSports focused sites. But there is an angle nobody covers, but all viewers care about. Which team brings the best hairstyle to the NA LCS Playoffs?



Professional Photoshop work above not withstanding, TSM has upgraded their cuts by trading OddOne and Xpecial for Amazing and Lustboy, but it just isn’t enough. Dyrus has thrown the team under the bus with his recent buzz cut, and while he looks like a complete bad ass, his attitude just can’t carry the lack of hair yet. Bjergsen and Amazing take care of their hair, but look rather average. WildTurtle’s astounding charm has nothing to do with his hair, which weakens his carry potential for this ranking. Only Lustboy, with his Korean training, manages to pull a few brownie points, sadly that doesn’t boost TSM too high in this particular ranking.



LMQ almost gets carried by their bottom lane, Mor (bottom right), and Vasilii (top center), but the average haircuts of Ackerman (top left) and Noname (top right), combined with subpar cut of XiaoWeiXiao (bottom left)  severely cuts into their ranking. This is a very competitive league when it comes to haircuts gentlemen, Mor is expected of you!




Like in the game, CLG is getting hard carried by Aphromoo, specifically his potential for an aphro. It is however the combined kawaii styles of Link and Seraph that have taken them just a notch above LMQ. Dexter rocks a pretty standard “preppy white boy”, while Doublelift’s messy hair just doesn’t make the cut this time around.


NA LCS Team Curse

Curse is in a paradigm of their own, because what seems like an underdog, quickly comes out as a front runner when you think about it. Biggest boon for the team has been a lack of a person who has bad hair. Every man in the line-up rocks, at the very least, a solid do. But it is the combination of Cop, Quas, and yes, Voyboy that pushes them above the competition.

Cop is the one people may wonder about, but his simple haircut states volumes about his character, which is that he’s rather understated. It’s the very definition of perfection and synchrony with oneself.

Quas has a hairstyle of a badass, and where Dyrus needs to grow into one, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Quas is the last dude you want to meet in a dark alley. Mainly because he should be training for playoffs right now.

Voyman, the boy wonder is really the gem of this lineup. His pretty boy do, along with some unique facial hair styling gives him a look that says “fuck you, fuck your mom, fuck your girlfriend, and fuck your world. I’m Voyman, and there is fuck all you can do about any of this. PS: That list in the beginning is a list of just some of my accomplishments to date.” Simply riveting.


NA LCS Team Cloud 9

Cloud 9 has a star studded line-up with superstars, and a solid support cast. Balls and LemonNation play a solid hair game. Sneaky steps up his hair to the next level, going right past the “average white boy” territory, and into a style he clearly lifted from the Korean meta. Hai has recently gone rogue by getting his hair etched with intricate designs, this is the one head we look forward to seeing every weekend.

It is however Meteos that puts Cloud 9 into legendary status. His Super Sayian do grabs your eye balls and doesn’t let go until you’ve been drained of all your will to resist. It both comforts you, and keeps you alert. The legend of his hair will live on many centuries after Meteos is no more, and frankly, we pray that is exactly how this one plays out.



NA LCS Team Dignitas

This will come as no surprise to anyone. Team Dignitas is the undisputed number one team in the NA LCS Playoffs Power Rankings (based on Hair Styles). We won’t speak of the glory that is Qtpie’s head, there have been songs written about it, men want him, women want to be him. It is entirely unfair that a hairdo so glorious has even been allowed to exist, because no man, woman, or a highly prized show animal can ever hope to have a mane of equal caliber.

The man we do need to talk about is Kiwikid. And the reason is simple, the bowl. Kiwikid is the only man in recorded history that has been able to rock the bowlcut. Many have tried (Locodoco among them), and simply couldn’t match up. The confidence that this man carries himself with, while having a bowl on his head, says one simple thing: he probably needs a second bowl to carry his giant testicles.